"Some people walk in the rain; others just get wet." This quote perfectly embodies the spirit and heritage of the K-WAY brand. It captures that indefinable yet palpable feeling of being in Paris on a rainy day.

K-WAY, in collaboration with Korean artist Cha Inchul, presents a collection that draws inspiration from these sentiments. Each piece is a tribute to K-WAY's origins in Paris, reflecting the joy and emotion of walking through its rain-drenched streets.

Cheerful energy

Cha Inchul's illustrations bring to life the people of Paris, radiating pure emotions and cheerful energy. The vibrant and bright colors of the collection—ranging from bold yellows and striking reds to deep blues and lush greens—are reminiscent of the city's unique charm, even on the rainiest days.

The Le Vrai jackets, known for their technical excellence and iconic design, now feature Cha Inchul's artistic touch. These jackets not only protect you from the rain but also immerse you in the cheerful spirit of a rainy Paris, transforming a mundane experience into a colorful adventure.

Step into the world of K-Way and Cha Inchul, where rainwear is not just about staying dry, but about experiencing the joy of walking in the rain, just like in Paris. Available at kway.co.kr only.