Ambrogio Beccaria, italian navigator born in 1991, is fresh from his challenge aboard "Alla Grande - Pirelli," a latest-generation Class40 in the prestigious The Transat CIC. The race saw him again come to win in New York after crossing the Atlantic in an unmatched adventure. K-WAY, as technical sponsor, dresses Ambrogio in his challenges beyond limits. The technical precision of the garments ensures the practicality, functionality, and dynamism needed for his oceanic adventures.

The collection pays homage to the Italian sailor's accomplishments and passion. The capsule features the iconic windbreaker along with T-shirts, fleece, pants, and Bermuda shorts. These technical garments, in dark blue, bear K-WAY and Pirelli logo patches, the main and lead sponsors of the AllaGrande project. K-WAY contributes not only its extensive expertise in high-tech clothing to this project but also a profound connection with the water element, confirming its status as a benchmark for all outdoor activities and water sports enthusiasts.